NailArtiste is the exclusive partner with TAOND in South Africa and Namibia – our specialty is in providing top quality education for those who want to become highly skilled, successful Nail Professionals.

Our method combines the superior course content of TAOND online courses AND live practical instruction, making it one of the most innovative advancements in Nail Tech education in Southern Africa!

Many popular nail courses currently only offer practical application or product knowledge (brand) training, which means that many nail techs lack the essential technical foundations needed to become exceptional nail professionals.

What makes us different?

We understand that learning how to do nails correctly consists of 3 elements:

  • Theory – provides the technical background and covers all the “behind the scenes” information you need to know
  • Practical – covers the “how to” elements of performing services & applying products
  • Product Knowledge – covers the particulars about the brand of professional nail products you choose to use. Different brands’ application steps and chemical formulae are different, so this is important stuff to know!

We also understand that many aspiring nail professionals are often faced with unique circumstances that often limit their access to top notch training.

Our flexible course options allow you to:

  • study on a part time or full time basis;
  • schedule your online theory and live training according to your availability;
  • choose from bundled programme options and individual modules giving you the flexibility to choose what you want to learn;
  • choose which product line and instructor you want to work with from a selection of affiliated brands in various locations.

All our courses include theory modules, assignments and tests which are completed and submitted online via the TAOND / NailArtiste student LMS, while the practical modules include a combination of theory and live instruction elements with an instructor.

Live instruction sessions and exams are provided by a NailArtiste Instructor – selected educators who work with top professional nail care brands.

Logged practical course work is required on all programmes before completing and passing a final exam to become certified.

Benefits of learning with NailArtiste

  • Affordable tuition fees
  • Course content covers in detail that which is most often excluded on nail courses that focus mainly on practical application
  • Coursework is available 24/7 via your online profile
  • Live instruction and mentoring with a highly skilled instructor
  • Modules are self-paced – plan learning to suit your schedule
  • Formalise or Upgrade your existing certification with our “Fill the Gap” programme
  • Update your service offering to include disciplines or systems you haven’t yet completed with one of our mini programme bundles
  • Improve your earning ability by continuing your education – go beyond the basics and become a specialist!

How it Works

    • After enrolling, complete the online modules 1 to 5 and 11, so you’ve got the theory done and understand all the basics before you start live practical lessons.
    • Attend the live practical sessions with your NailArtiste Instructor – brand specific training is included as part of your live training. (Excludes “Fill the Gap”)
    • Purchase your professional product kit and complete the required practicals for your programme to your student profile.
    • Take your exams

…and you’re DONE!

NOTE: Duration of the courses varies, though depending on your own commitment.
For illustrative purposes, we have included an approximated course durations below: