Become an Instructor

Earn an income by teaching NailArtiste students in your area!

NailArtiste Instructors are experienced and skilled nail technicians, and should be appointed by a NailArtiste Affiliated Distributor to assist students with their practical training. They may be employees of our Affiliated Distributors OR offer practical training as Independent Educators.

As a NailArtiste Instructor, you get:

  • A FREE dedicated page on our website to showcase your business;
  • A listing on your associated distributor’s brand page;
  • Links to all your online presences from our website, and cross promotion on all our marketing platforms (also FREE!);
  • Exclusive access to our Instructor’s Area, where you can find information such as student grades, lesson plans, and update your dedicated page;
  • Referral commission on every student you send to us.
How it works
  • Students come to you when they’ve completed all of their mandatory modules.
  • You only teach application techniques and guide practical learning according to your preferred professional nail care brand OR a NailArtiste Affiliate’s prescribed practical training methodology.
  • Grading of theory, written exams and final certification is done externally by TAOND.
  • Work according to your own schedule.
  • Teach with your favourite professional nail care brands.
  • Minimum 3 years of full time experience as a qualified nail professional, preferably skilled in all artificial nail enhancement systems, natural nail care services and basic nail art. Single system specialists are also welcome!
  • Must be a NailArtiste graduate – this enables you to familiarise yourself with the course content and offer your students support from a point of experience. Our special Instructor’s package price includes this.
  • Must submit a full CV and portfolio of recent work with your application.
  • Must be associated with a NailArtiste Affiliated Distributor as an employee OR as an Independent educator. Only professional nail care brands may be represented.
  • Must have suitable facilities, equipment and the required time available to accommodate a minimum of 2 (two) students at one time in a professional salon-like environment, allowing for real-world scenarios to be demonstrated and experienced.
  • Must be committed to continuing your own education on an ongoing basis.
How it works
  • Students enroll indepedently, or you sign them up for the NailArtiste programme via this website.
  • Students must complete all 5 mandatory modules online before they can attend practical training with you. Minimum pass mark is 80%
  • After completing their mandatory modules online, students attend live classes with you for each practical module of their course. 
  • After attending live practical classes with you, students are required to complete mandatory practical case studies, each of which is logged in full detail and must be submitted to their student profile on the LMS for grading by our Canadian partners. 
  • Students complete TAOND Final Written exam online once their theory and practical coursework has been completed.
  • Students complete their Final Practical exam with you - your score sheet is then uploaded via the instructor portal on this website for final submission to TAOND before certificates are issued.
  • Distributors and Instructors are subject to the terms and conditions of NailArtiste’s Enrollment Agreement as well as the terms and conditions as set out in their respective agreements with NailArtiste.
  • Instructors receive a commission for each student they enroll to the NailArtiste programme.
  • NailArtiste Instructors set their rates independently for practical module classes, and bill students separately. We do offer store sections for each instructor in the student area to make it easier for your students to select both kits and classes from the options you wish to make available. 
  • NailArtiste does not hold stock of any goods – kits ordered on the NailArtiste website are processed through the standard modus operandi of our affiliate system.
  • Additional product sales for items not included in kits, and that are required by students during and subsequent to program completion, are sold to students through the standard distribution channels – namely stores, instructors and / or designated area distributors.
  • All Instructors appointed by Affiliated Distributors are required to complete the NailArtiste / TAOND programme - distributors who register instructors qualify for programme purchases at a reduced rate.
Become an Instructor