The NailArtiste course programme is designed on a modular basis, so you can tailor your learning to your schedule and budget.

Sign up for one of our Bundled Programs to learn everything you need to know to be a successful nail professional specialising in one or more disciplines.

Alternatively, you can purchase Individual Modules and complete the course on a “pay as you go” basis.

  • Learn the theory in your own time, anywhere, on any device.
  • Choose from a selection of nail courses.
  • NO BRAND BIAS – you choose the brands you want to work with.
  • Upgrade your existing qualification.
  • Once you’ve completed the Full Programme or “Filled the Gap”, you can continue your learning to become a Derma Care Nail Specialist to increase your earnings.

Our Full Program and Fill the Gap program content exceeds the minimum requirements for most US State Board regulations, and also exceed the unit standard requirements set for NQF Level 04 qualification for Nail Technology (SAQA).

While accreditation of this course is pending in Southern Africa, recognition of your foreign qualification may be applied for once you have completed your course by submitting a formal request to SAQA (South Africa) and NQA (Namibia) should you wish to do so.

Online Learning Environment (LMS)
Module Components
Student Resources
Bonus Content
Online Learning Environment (LMS)

What is your Online Learning Environment?


We walk you through each step of the way during your program. Your Online Learning Environment, or LMS area, is where you can access your program 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - no worrying about class schedules. You will be able to:


  • watch your lesson presentations,
  • take your tests,
  • complete your assignments,
  • watch your online step by step videos on how to create and perform beautiful, professional nail services, and
  • find instructions on how to submit your practical work for review.


Within your Online Learning Environment you will also be able to track your grades for your tests and assignments right under your own Student Activity tab.


Along with your program access, we've also created an exciting NailArtiste Student Resource Centre (similar to a student library).  Where you'll find tons of industry related articles, video links, in-depth how to's and discussion forums where you can share with other NailArtiste students, and so much more.

Module Components

The first 5 Modules in your program walk you through all the professional and comprehensive theory you'll need in order to ensure that you are working safely and properly within the nail industry, and include such fascinating topics as:


  • Today's Nail Professional - What a Career in the Nail Industry can mean
  • Basic Human and Detailed Nail Anatomy Nail Disease and Disorders - How to recognize what is safe and what to do when it isn't
  • Performing Comprehensive Client Consultations and Assessments
  • Salon and Chemical Safety- An in-depth look into Proper Decontamination Protocols


Then it's time to start your practical work. Depending on which program you choose you'll be learning Step By Step How to Master such Exciting Professional services such as:


  • Manicures and Spa Manicures - Including creating your very own Spa Recipes Pedicures and Spa Pedicures - Learn to perform heavenly Spa Pedicures that all your clients will love!
  • Fiberglass Enhancements - The Pros and Cons, a complete Shopping List and the
  • History of Acrylic Enhancements - Master new sets with tips, sculpting and professional safe removal
  • UV GEL Enhancements - Learn to understand and perform one of today's most popular enhancement applications including the popular Gel Polish application


Finally, Module 11 - Advanced Client Care- is a totally unique and Interactive Module where we present to you over 40 Client Scenarios and you tell us how you would handle each situation, then compare your answers to ours! 


See the full course overview which is recommended for beginners, or what we recommend as an RPL alternative for self-taught techs and those who wish to improve their technical knowledge.

Student Resources

Every NailArtiste Student gets access to our NailArtiste Student Resource Centre absolutely FREE OF CHARGE with each program purchase. Each of our students also receives 1 personalized online tutoring session with a TAOND  tutor absolutely FREE, and unlimited e-mail support while enrolled in the programme.


PLUS all NailArtiste Students can join our NailArtiste Community on Facebook where you can post pictures and videos of your work, share interesting articles and exciting new product releases and chat with other NailArtiste students from all over Southern Africa LIVE!!  It is an exciting and incredibly supportive environment for all our NailArtiste Students to join and be a part of!!

Bonus Content

For those who enrol in our NailArtiste Full Program or in any one of our MINI Certificate Programs you will receive 2 MONTHS’ FREE subscription to Doug Schoon's Face-To-Face webinar series and a 25% discount going forward with your subscription. 


Doug's Amazing webinar series is an 'Educational Must' for all nail students and professionals alike.  Click here to learn more about FACE-TO-FACE.

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