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Supply our students  with the best Professional Nail Care Brands by becoming an affiliated distributor!

NailArtiste’s mission is to help improve the access to quality Nail Technician education, ultimately working towards improving standards in the professional nail industry of Southern Africa. We encourage students to use locally sourced professional nail care products and recommend that our students buy through the correct distribution channels, instead of grey or diversion sources such as popular online stores.

Since our programme works according to the standard North American Nail Technology curriculum, you can be assured that students enrolled with us have all their bases covered because they will have already completed our mandatory modules before they are permitted to buy professional products.

Our inspiration for  inviting local distributors to join us is inspired by the common practice of top American professional nail care brands making their products available licensed nail techs & students upon presentation of proof of education or enrollment in “Nail School” – which is essentially what NailArtiste is.

Students based overseas who are enrolled in the TAOND programme – which we provide under exclusive license in Southern Africa – enjoy this benefit, and we’d like to extend this opportunity to local distributors as well!

As an affiliated distributor with us, you get:

  • FREE dedicated pages on our website to showcase your business & each of your NailArtiste Instructors;
  • A FREE dedicated store section in our restricted Student’s area where they can buy your products;
  • Links to all your online presences from our website, and cross promotion on all our marketing platforms (again for FREE!);
  • Exclusive access to our Distributor’s Area, where you can find information such as student grades, and update your dedicated pages;
  • Referral commission on every student you enroll with us.

NailArtiste Instructors are experienced and skilled nail technicians, and should be appointed by a NailArtiste Affiliated Distributor to assist students with their practical training. They may be employees of our distributors OR offer practical training as Independent Educators who have acquired the relevant permissions granted by the distributor. Find out more about our instructor requirements here.

Practical training is usually delivered in the form of brand specific education.

Become an Affiliate
How it works
  • Reduce theory lecturing time in class – your educators can now dedicate more class time to focus on product application and skill building, and to brand promotion / philosophy in-house because students will already have theoretical background.
  • Increase your revenue and reach – you can assign approved NailArtiste Instructors anywhere in Southern Africa to teach students with your products by registering them with us – even if you do not have a store in their area. 
  • Cross promotion of affiliated distributors and their instructors is provided in various media utilised by NailArtiste.
  • Add value – offer your students an internationally accreditable certification in addition to your standard brand specific certification.
  • Build a relationship with students who will use your brand to build their careers and help grow your brand awareness.
  • Release better educated nail professionals into the nail industry, improving the standard of service delivery and associating your brand's name with quality representatives.

To supply our students, distributors must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be an authorized supplier or sub-distributor of recognised professional nail care products.
  • Allow NailArtiste and / or Affiliate appointed Instructors to act as agents or sub-distributors on their behalf to enrolled NailArtiste students.
  • Provide product kits in alignment with NailArtiste programme requirements and allow for advertisement and sale of student kits on the NailArtiste website*.
  • Assign qualified instructors to exclusively designated areas / regions.
  • Ensure that eligible brand instructors meet NailArtiste’s minimum instructor requirements.

*Kits are only made available to students once they have completed the first 5 modules of the programme, or as otherwise arranged between the Affiliate and NailArtiste.

How it works
  • Students enroll for the NailArtiste programme via this website and must complete all mandatory modules. Minimum pass mark is 80%
  • Students complete practical modules with an instructor (brand education) and submit practical module case studies to TAOND/NailArtiste LMS for grading.
  • Students complete TAOND Final Written exam online.
  • Students must complete a Final Practical exam with an instructor, who submits results to NailArtiste for final evaluation and certification.
  • Live class time with instructors is billed separately, and students pay class fees directly to the instructor. 
  • The content taught in this course is easily integrated with your normal training practices, allowing for more flexibility for both educator and student.
  • Distributors and Instructors are subject to the terms and conditions of NailArtiste’s standard affiliate agreement with NailArtiste.
  • NailArtiste acts in the capacity of sub-distributor for basic kit components supplied to enrolled students via this website. Kit contents and pricing is predefined, and is set between NailArtiste and the Affiliate prior to publication on this website.
  • NailArtiste does not hold stock of any goods – kits ordered on the NailArtiste website by students are processed through the standard modus operandi of our affiliate system. 
  • NailArtiste compensates distributors and / or instructors individually for tuition on a per-student sign up basis with the use of our referral system.
  • Additional product sales for items not included in kits, and that are required by students during and subsequent to program completion are sold to students through the Affiliate's standard distribution channels – namely stores, instructors and / or designated area distributors.
  • Only one kit per system or product line may be purchased by a student via this website - all sales thereafter are made directly between the student and the Affiliate.
  • All Instructors appointed by Affiliated Distributors are required to complete the NailArtiste / TAOND programme - an Instructors package which includes additional material is sold at a reduced rate to distributors.



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