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1) I acknowledge and confirm that I am at least 18 years of age and one or all of the following is applicable to me:

  • I am purchasing a professional nail technician training programme from NailArtiste and that completion of the TAOND/ NailArtiste program will allow me to be eligible to work professionally in the nail industry after successful completion if I so choose.
  • I have applied to become or have been authorised by NailArtiste to facilitate practical nail technician training as a NailArtiste Instructor in accordance with the materials and guidelines supplied by TAOND and NailArtiste.
  • I have applied to become or have been authorised by NailArtiste as an Affiliated Distributor supplying NailArtiste Students and Instructors in accordance with the materials and guidelines supplied by TAOND and NailArtiste.

2) I acknowledge that due to the nature of delivery of the program, the online portion (Online Learning Environment access, videos, print out material, presentations) of any program is non-refundable after purchase date and that access to the course content is limited to 12 (twelve) months of the purchase date. Renewal fees are applicable in the event that I do not complete my course withing 12 months.

3) I acknowledge the requirements for completing the program as outlined and that as a student, I am not eligible for a Certificate unless all requirements have been successfully completed and acknowledged by the school.

4) I acknowledge that instructors and distributors affiliated with TAOND and NailArtiste operate on an independent contractor arrangement and that neither TAOND nor NailArtiste are responsible for the ensuing conduct and /or relationship between students and any instructor and / or affiliated distributor other than acting as an agent to introduce the parties to each other.

  1. Instructors and affiliated distributors are responsible for ensuring delivery of goods and services agreed upon between students and themselves
  2. As a TAOND / NailArtiste student, I may be entitled to a refund of products, professional kits and materials at the discretion of an affiliated distributor if these items are returned to the affiliated distributor unopened and in the original condition in which they were received; and that I am responsible for the shipping costs associated with returning the refundable items. In the event that an affiliated distributor supplies defective goods to me, the distributor shall replace the goods at their own cost.
  3. As a TAOND / NailArtiste student, I may be entitled to a refund of non-delivery of service for the time(s) I have booked with an instructor in the event that the instructor fails to keep the appointment(s) scheduled between myself and the instructor for practical lessons. I agree to keep the appointment(s) booked with an instructor for attending practical lessons and that in the event I do not attend a scheduled lesson with an instructor, that the instructor reserves the right to bill me for additional practical sessions at their standard rate and at their discretion.
  4. I understand that NailArtiste undertakes to ensure as far as possible that instructors and affiliated distributors comply with their respective duties and responsibilities to me as a TAOND / NailArtiste student in accordance with the service agreements as set out between themselves. I agree that I shall immediately report to NailArtiste by e-mail, any event or conduct by an instructor and / or distributor that may be in violation of the service agreement between NailArtiste and its instructor(s) or affiliated distributor(s) in order that the event or conduct may be investigated, remedied and / or immediately discontinued.

5) I acknowledge that I will be receiving electronic copies of the program modules, but that program kits, dvds, accessories etc. will be shipped to me by a delivery service specified by me and that delivery of such shipped items depends on the area in which I live. I understand that on average, delivery may take 7-25 business days. I acknowledge that distributors affiliated with NailArtiste will attempt to have the delivery date in accordance with the shipping date as notified at time of purchase, but that this date may vary from the shipping date as notified at time of purchase due to circumstances beyond the control of TAOND, NailArtiste and / or its affiliated distributors and this does not entitle me to a refund from TAOND, NailArtiste or the affiliated distributor.

6) I acknowledge and agree to indemnify TAOND and NailArtiste or their affiliated distributors and instructros from any liable action that may be taken against me while enrolled and after graduation of any TAOND / NailArtiste program.

7) I acknowledge that TAOND / NailArtiste reserves the right to terminate my Distributor / Instructor / Student Account with notice, without refund of any monies for cause and/or for violation of any of these Terms and Conditions.

8) I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to have access to the proper professional products, equipment and sanitation materials in order that I am able to safely and successfully complete or facilitate the program and that I agree to follow all local/provincial/state and national sanitation guidelines with regards to equipment, products and accessories for the duration of the program and thereafter.

9) I acknowledge that during the time that I am associated with NailArtiste as a student / affiliated distributor / instructor, that I represent NailArtiste and as a representative of NailArtiste I agree to act in a mature, safe manner and will not portray myself as holding any status other than that which is assigned to me during my association with NailArtiste.

10) I acknowledge that I will be handling and have access to professional nail products commonly used in the nail industry as a part of the program and that I agree to use these products with only the utmost care, in a safe, professional, equipped setting, and that I will not hold TAOND or NailArtiste, its successors, affiliated distributors, instructors or other representatives liable for any misuse of these products that leads to any liability to myself or any person practiced on during this program. I also acknowledge and agree that I will disclose to any person worked on during the program that treatments are performed as part of an education program. Students shall have practice clients sign off any liability to themselves, TAOND or NailArtiste, its affiliated distributors and instructors during the course of the program.

11) I acknowledge that TAOND and NailArtiste do not encourage nor advocate the use of any non-professional or other nail or beauty products that are not included in this program and accepts no responsibility for the students’ use of such items.

12) I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to disclose any allergies, contagious infections and/or any other conditions that may affect the safety of myself or any clients that services may be performed on during the program and agree not to hold TAOND or NailArtiste liable in any incident that may occur during the program.

14) TAOND or NailArtiste reserves the right to make any changes to the course program content, delivery and scheduling as long as there are no additional charges to the student currently enrolled. In the event of disruptions to program delivery for issues beyond the control of TAOND or NailArtiste, I acknowledge that TAOND and NailArtiste will in a timely manner address such technical issues and I acknowledge that I am not entitled to a refund or any program fees partial or fully paid to NailArtiste under such circumstances. In the event that TAOND or NailArtiste ceases to operate, due to unforeseen circumstances, I agree and acknowledge that TAOND and NailArtiste will attempt their best to fulfill all program purchase agreements by continuing to operate the Online learning Environment for a period of 3 months after the discontinuation of the operation of TAOND or NailArtiste, and issue Certificates to those students who complete their program requirements within that time frame. I acknowledge this 3 month time frame and agree that if I am unable to complete my program requirements during that time period after which TAOND or NailArtiste ceases to operate, that I am not entitled to any refund of program purchases or materials purchased in conjunction with my program, and will not hold TAOND or NailArtiste, its owners, employees, affiliated distributors, instructors, executors or heirs liable in any respect.

15) I acknowledge that the program materials created by The Academy of Nail Design (TAOND) are copyrighted information provided to NailArtiste, its instructors, and students under exclusive license and shall remain the intellectual and physical property of The Academy of Nail Design (TAOND). I agree that I will in no way distribute, make copies of, or share any of this information in physical or digital format with any third party who is not a party to these terms and conditions. Any violation of this agreement will be met with prosecution to the full extent of the law.

16) I understand and agree that the information provided in the program is not meant to replace professional legal, accounting or insurance advice and I agree that TAOND and NailArtiste expressly disclaim all and any liability to any person, whether the purchaser of this program or not, in respect of anything and of the consequences of anything done or omitted to be done by any such person in reliance, whether whole or partial, upon the whole or any part of the contents of this program.

17) I acknowledge and agree that my business is independent of NailArtiste and have properly registered my business name and operate it in such a manner that is required by the local laws of my jurisdiction, and will not hold liable in any way TAOND or NailArtiste, its owners, employees, executors, heirs, instructors and / or affiliated distributors for any personal, or corporate, liability, claim, suit, action, loss or damages that may arise from my services that I provide in my business.

I acknowledge that by becoming an NailArtiste Affiliated Distributor, NailArtiste Instructor or NailArtiste Student, I am a Registered User of the NailArtiste website and / or and other services delivered by NailArtiste. I have read, understood and agree to these terms and conditions.