Nails and nail art are a very popular subject all over the internet, and while the internet is a good source of information, it can be a bit of a minefield figuring out who to follow & learn from. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and thousands of other websites are out there offering up tutorials and articles aimed at teaching both pro & amateur nail enthusiasts.

Be very wary of copying techniques and influencers based purely on their popularity – not all bloggers & influencers who teach nails or do nail tutorials online are giving you the correct information!

As a result, both the American and European Professional nail industries have recently embarked on a huge global campaign promoting the health & safety of our industry, as well as encouraging nail techs to invest in good education – because this is where it all starts. If you are taught good habits and correct information from the start of your career, you are more likely to make good decisions and will avoid making costly mistakes later.

I learned the hard way, and many of you will come to see this for yourselves very soon πŸ˜‰

A few valuable resources you can look into signing up for, or following – that are completely FREE! – will show you how much of a “big deal” the nail biz is “across the pond” in the developed world πŸ˜‰

  • NAILS Magazine & NAILS Next Top Nail Artist Competition (NNTNA)
  • Nailpro Magazine & Nailpro Competitions
  • Scratch Magazine
  • Nail It Magazine

So which nail techs are FAB that you should follow?

The following list is just to get you started… there are MANY more, but these who I’ve suggested below usually give good advice and follow good practices. Most are veteran nail techs with well over 20 years of experience (each), and are also educators, international competition winners & judges. They are by no means the only people, but are very likely not as well known to you as some of the “hotshots” with huge social media followings πŸ˜‰

Global leaders

  • Celina Ryden
  • Tracey Lee
  • Scarlett Senter
  • Victoria Lys Hunter
  • Nicole Atwood
  • Iryna Giblett
  • Amy Becker
  • Katie Barnes
  • Kirsty Meakin
  • Gemma Lambert
  • Bethany Stockell

Local Rock Stars

  • Katia Da Silva
  • Oksana Van Tonder
  • Yolande Austin Bekker
  • Tessa Louw Tullues
  • Morne Louw Da Silva
  • Charmaine Doyle Kay
  • Andrea Smith
  • Tracy Owgan
  • Christelle Hattingh
  • Iryna Petchorina
  • Alina Fox

Other notable sources of invaluable information are Marian Newman; Doug Schoon, Jim McConnell, Athena Elliot and Bob Giblett – especially when it comes to the science side of the industry.

While we might LOVE to ogle the gorgeous nail art creations done by our favourite nail techs, understanding the science & technology behind the art is essential knowledge for every nail technician. Read up, do your homework and most importantly LISTEN to what these scientists have to say – your education is YOUR responsibility, and what you don’t know can hurt you or your clients in the long run.

If you’re interested in becoming a nail technician in Southern Africa, pairing our online theory with any of the locally available, reputable brands’ product training will give you an edge over your competitors – knowledge is power, so why not invest in yourself, and get the best education available?

Try it FREE or enroll today. Have you already done a course, but feel like you’re still short on some essential info? Then you should try our Fill the Gap Programme and upgrade what you already know.