If you’ve already signed up for our FREE TRIAL, and discovered the secret of successful nail technicians, you will have had a chance to see how the e-learning process works. You’ll also know that how we work is completely different from how other nail schools in Southern Africa do, so you’re probably wondering “Where to from here?”

If you have attended a brand-focused nail course before, but you find that you’re still struggling with a few things, don’t worry! By learning the foundations of what product education is built on, you will understand your products better, and know why things are done a certain way. This allows you to identify problems faster, and tailor your services without making guesses – so you can get the results you want.

It is important to understand that nail tech training is actually split into three separate phases, namely:

Full Nail Tech Training Elements:

All the technical stuff behind the glitter & sparkle – Modules 1 to 11

What your NailArtiste Instructor will teach you based on modules 6 – 10

Case studies
Perfecting & practicing the skills and techniques you learned in class.

Brand education is usually designed on the assumption that anyone learning how to use nail enhancement products is already qualified to do nails – which means that there should be no need to include the technical basics on their courses. BUT… since Southern Africa isn’t required to follow the same rules & regulations used in North America for nail tech training, it has become the norm for brand distributors to only offer the practical portion of the course without all the extra elements outlined above.

Standard nail tech education in most of the first world is strictly regulated – they have a standardized basic curriculum that everyone must learn before they move on to working with products on people. In most cases, a full nail course will take anything from three to six months to complete – sometimes more!

So how does NailArtiste help you?

Each professional nail care brand has it’s own formulae and signature techniques that they teach on their courses. EVERYTHING you learn in our programme applies to your work as a Professional Nail Technician – no matter what brand you choose to work with.

What you learn with us usually comes before what brand education teaches, so we help you fill in the blanks on what you already know.


You learn what they’d teach you if you were to go to Nail School in North America

  • Teaches ALL nail tech theory in-depth
  • Covers the basics on practicals
  • Offers full support on case studies
  • Online student portal available 24/7

Supplier Courses

Your favourite supplier teaches you about a specific product line and how to use it

  • Recaps the basic fundamentals we teach
  • Detailed practical instruction using a specific product line
  • Brand specific Tech support

Only some of what we teach you is included as standard on most brand based nail courses, and some of what they teach, is covered on our course – so BOTH go hand in hand with each other.

Your best option is to Fill the Gap

You get all 11 modules PLUS:

  • 2 Months FREE subscription to Face to Face with Doug Schoon
  • Full access to the NailArtiste Students Area
  • Hands-on mentoring from NailArtiste Instructors
  • Exclusive discounts & offers from our affiliated distributors
  • 1 FREE tutoring session
  • FREE email support
  • 12 months to complete your programme
  • Exam & certification fees included

Other important info:

  • The programme content you’ll work through is exactly the same as the beginners course BUT the number of case studies you need to submit is lower. You will need to complete all the modules because there is quite a lot of information you will not have been taught yet.
  • You only need to attend classes for the systems you haven’t learnt yet.
  • You probably won’t need to buy a whole new kit because you should already have most of the products you need. For the items you don’t have, you can always get them from your favourite NailArtiste Affiliated Distributor or your usual supplier when you’re ready.
  • If your initial training was not done with a professional brand, you will need to invest in good quality, professional products as we do not allow students to use counterfeit or grey-market lines.
  • To earn your certificate, you will need to sit for a live exam – a NailArtiste Instructor will be happy to help you with this.

As you can see, you have a number of options available to you that will suit YOUR needs depending on where you are in your career or what your schedule or budget will allow.

Earn more money as a NailArtiste Instructor

Depending on prior experience and skills you already have, you could consider becoming a NailArtiste Instructor and help other nail technicians improve their knowledge and skills once you’ve completed your programme. Click here to find out how.