Discover the secret to being a successful Nail Technician

Did you know that most brand based nail courses taught in Southern Africa don’t teach you what we cover in our first 7 modules?

nail technology building blocks

Don’t worry – we’re not saying that product suppliers are in the wrong at all! What we are saying, is that product based education on its own is not intensive enough to prepare you for a career as a nail technician.

The main focus of product training is to teach you how to use a specific brand’s line correctly, and their education is designed for people who already know the basics of nail technology – so you haven’t been cheated out of anything, we promise!

If you are certified to use a particular brand, and you sometimes struggle with elements of your work, it may be that there are some gaps in your education that you need to fill. With us, you can build on what you’ve learned without breaking the bank, or starting from scratch.

Do you want to:

  • Work towards building a successful PROFITABLE nail salon business?
  • Provide top quality professional nail services from day 1 of opening your salon?
  • Learn everything you weren’t taught on a product focused course?
  • Get access to the BEST product lines that are available exclusively to nail professionals?
  • Stand out from the crowd as the BEST nail tech in your area?
  • Have the option to access a free trial before you buy your course?

If you answered YES to all of the above questions, then you’re well on your way to achieving these goals. You will discover the secret to becoming a successful nail technician with us!

Whether you’re just starting out, or if you’ve done a nail course but feel you need to grow what you already know, you have a few options that will meet your educational needs. We even give you the chance to try it out free for one week.

Another bonus is that the course is divided up into 11 separate modules – this means you only buy the kit components you need for the practical module you’re working on from module 6 to 10. The first five modules are only theory.

No more worries about making a huge lump sum payment for a kit all in one go – you only buy what you need, when you need it. 

For your convenience, we give you access to live classes presented by fantastic international educators who work with award winning professional nail care brands. We are also affiliated with distribution partners who supply the world’s best professional products so you get the best possible education experience.

What are my options?

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What makes the NailArtiste programme special?

We know that traditional college education is often out of reach for many Southern Africans, especially women! To help more people gain access to affordable, premium quality tuition, we have partnered with TAOND, who are based in Canada and developed the first and best online nail tech tutoring programme in the world.

As an exclusive partner school with TAOND, we have a special arrangement with them to offer their programme at more affordable prices than you would get by enrolling directly with them – mainly so you don’t have to worry about the high foreign exchange rates.

The syllabus we work with is based on the standard North American Nail Technology curriculum, which follows strict guidelines as set by the US State Licensing Boards. Since nail techs in the US have to be licensed before they may work, the standards are quite high – much higher than those used in Southern Africa!

This intensive online Nail Tech tutoring programme has been around since 2002, and has been featured in NAILS Magazine and several other industry magazines on many occasions since then.

TAOND Graduates have gone on to become award winning nail techs and educators in the international professional nail tech arena – some even progress their careers so far that they become medical nail technicians (yes, those exist!) who work alongside medical doctors, dermatologists and podiatrists.

What are the benefits of e-learning?

E-learning is becoming the most popular way to deliver professional course content to millions of people all over the world, across a wide variety of industries and professions? The professional beauty industry is NO DIFFERENT!

The reason that E-learning is becoming so popular is because it allows you to pay less for courses (affordability), and brings the classroom to you (accessibility). This means you can learn anytime, anywhere.

As with traditional courses, E-learning also includes tests, assignments and exams – this way, we make sure you know how well you are doing with learning your field of study, so you actually know where you need to put work in, and where you’re going wrong – so when you’re done, you KNOW for sure that you’re COMPETENT.

It really IS the way of the future, and we help both beginner and novice nail technicians become leading professionals through this medium all the time!