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  • The Facts about Fakes
    "As the nail industry continues growing, so too are some very concerning issues that are affecting the professionalism and standards we are so desperately trying to uplift." Sonette van Rensburg In an article for Nail File, Sonette adds: The word … Read more
  • Nail World South Africa 2019
    Tanya Gunning, founder of NailArtiste presented a nail art workshop in Johannesburg at Twincare International's annual event Nail World on 21 October 2019. Guests were shown how to do 5 new nail art designs that can be used on their … Read more
  • How to find the right Nail Tech education provider
    If you're interested in becoming a Professional Nail Technician, these few guidelines will help you find the right education provider that will make sure you've got all your bases covered: Sign up for our FREE Trial to see … Read more
  • Get inspired by the global nail industry
    Nails and nail art are a very popular subject all over the internet, and while the internet is a good source of information, it can be a bit of a minefield figuring out who to follow & learn from. YouTube, … Read more
  • Feeling the burn? Avoid heat spikes when you work with nail enhancement products
    "OMW, why are my nails burning?!" Your clients may ask you this, or you may experience it yourself while having your nails done. What is a heat spike? This is known as a "heat spike" and occurs as part of … Read more
  • Become a better educator using NailArtiste as a teaching tool
    Being a Nail Tech Educator is a fabulously rewarding job, but it does come with some unique challenges. Very often, our students are so keen to get started on learning how to perform services, that we often focus more on … Read more
  • How to Become a Qualified Nail Technician in 5 easy steps
    With the increasing level of competition in the Southern African Nail Industry, it is becoming more important for nail technicians to be well educated and highly skilled if they want to build successful careers and businesses. If you're interested in … Read more