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Your brand / business name goes here

In this area we’ll introduce students to your brand and highlight your brand philosophy in a short paragraph like we’ve done here.

Product Lines:

This section can include either a gallery of your best selling products OR if you supply more than one product line, we can link it to your dedicated store section for that line on this website.

>>Example of link to store area:

Click on the product line image to see available kit options

>> Example of product gallery:

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Meet our authorised NailArtiste Instructors:

Over here, we list the NailArtiste Instructors  who teach with your products, and each name is linked to a dedicated page on this website. Don’t worry if you don’t have any NailArtiste Instructors registered with us – if you permit students enrolled in our programmes to buy your products without a designated instructor, we’ll simply leave this section blank, and they can contact you directly via the form further down on this page.

Students would simply click on any of the names below to find out more about the amazing instructors who can help them.

Find us online:

Next, we include links to your online presences – whichever is not applicable will be excluded:

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…and finally, if a student has any questions to ask you, they can fill out this form and it will be sent directly to your inbox for you to take it from there. We won’t post your e-mail address openly on any page of this website – unless of course, you like getting spam 😉

The rest of your contact details will be posted here, and should ideally include your location(s), business hours and phone number(s)

Your physical address
Phone Number
Business hours

*more than one branch may be listed

Links to your page will also be displayed on our home page and this page ( both using your brand logo), and also as a listed item under Distributors in South Africa / Namibia (whichever is applicable)