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The TAOND Team

The AMAZING team from The Academy of Nail Design are behind the scenes heroes for our students, offering support and advice alongside NailArtitse’s instructors. All elements of the online portion of our training programmes are handled by TAOND team members.


jenniferJennifer has had a long love affair with the nail industry (over 25 years!) and claims many honors within it. As well as owning The Award Winning Academy of Nail Design for the past 16 years, Jennifer has also completed her C-POD (I) (International Certified Podologist) levels, and earned her WCSP (World Certified Specialist Professional) designation. She has been an educator for the AEFM, and a judge for the Canadian Contessa Awards, the ABA Nail Show and most recently as a judge for the Canada Nail Cup Competition.

She has been interviewed several times by prominent nail industry magazines and newspapers. And on top of those interviews, she has also written several industry related articles.

Jennifer created the online version of her award-winning in class program in 2004 marking an innovative first in the online beauty training industry. Her goal is not just to continue to be the first, but strive to continue to be the best!

Jennifer’s educational philosophy is to provide outstanding cutting-edge educational programs, and to bring those amazing programs to students from all over the globe in an accessible, convenient and affordable platform.

Jennifer is proud of her outstanding TAOND team as they set themselves apart as not only faculty – but mentors. TAOND’s Team continues to win accolades for their personal and individual attention dedicated to every one of our TAOND Students.

“The first 16 years were amazing and watch what we do now!”


christina-caspeChristina graduated with a degree in business and has worked in customer service for over 5 years. She has always found satisfaction in helping others, but was also looking for a perfect place to feed her creativity and love for nails.

A lifetime search had led her to The Academy of Nail Design in September 2015 when she decided to join TAOND as our Amazing Sr. Administrative Assistant. Now she gets to experience the best of both worlds!

Christina’s primary role is to assist visitors and students alike, by properly addressing various program concerns, in order to have a better understanding of TAOND’s goals for every aspiring nail professional.

Brittany Cahill

Brittany_Cahill3Brittany is a Certified Nail Technician from The Academy Of Nail Design. She creates fabulous work as a Nail Professional and an independent salon owner (Nails By B).

She enjoys educating, mentoring and tutoring students. She also finds a great joy in trying new techniques and nail art.

She looks forward to assisting all TAOND students to fulfill their exciting new careers and following their passion for all things nails!

Brittany also looks forward to a new and exciting career with The Academy Of Nail Design!

Kayla Gallant
TAOND Social Media Guru

Kayla_FinalKayla Joins the TAOND team as our Social Media Guru – handling all ‘Things Social Media’!

“Currently enrolled as a student with TAOND, My previous experience is working in the insurance business as well as factory labour work, through my work journey I have realize that not doing what you love your limiting yourself and your dreams.  I enjoy turning natural nails into beautiful enhancements for my clients, and satisfying my clients as well as boosting there confidence. I love social media as it has so much information on nail art and tips and tricks, it’s also a great way to meet new people and leaders.”


doug-schoonWith over thirty years’ experience as a research scientist, international lecturer, author and educator, Doug Schoon is the foremost leading authority on the nail industry. Schoon has a wide range of experience, including 19 years as head of world-class cosmetic Research and Development laboratory. He is also a strong advocate for salon safety and represents the entire nail industry on scientific and technical issues in Europe, Canada, Australia and the United States as co-chair of the Nail Manufacturer’s Council on Safety (NMC), a working group of the Professional Beauty Association.

Schoon is the author of many books, video and audio training programs, as well as, dozens of magazine articles on proper use of professional salon products, safety, cleaning and disinfection and other related technical topics. He often serves as an expert witness in legal cases involving safety and health issues and dermatologists frequently call upon Schoon to assist them in writing books and scientific papers concerning finger and toenails.

As a writer and speaker, Mr. Schoon is especially popular with nail technicians because of his unique ability to simplify salon product chemistry into easy to understand information. His most popular book, “Nail Structure & Product Chemistry”, Second Edition, Delmar Thomson Learning is important for anyone who what’s to understand more than the basics. While his new educational Internet video series, Face-to-Face with Doug Schoon is viewed around the world by nail professionals seeking answers to their many questions.

Mr. Schoon holds a Master’s Degree in Organic Chemistry from the prestigious University of California-Irvine. He currently resides in Dana Point, California.