Washington, January 29, 2014 – The specialized Nail Technician Course conducted by The Academy of Nail Design (TAOND) in Canada is now accredited by World Certification Institute (WCI). TAOND is an Award Winning Nail School and has been featured in NAILS Magazine, Canada’s own ExceptioNail, Flare and Lush Magazine.

The comprehensive E-learning program covers 5 theoretical modules that include; a study of today’s nail Industry, professional conduct and ethics, nail disease and disorders, performing client consultations and assessments and proper decontamination protocols, and 5 full practical Modules.

Practical applications within the program include; manicuring, pedicuring, fiberglass, acrylic and UV gel enhancements, and require students to complete a set number of required practice clients. In addition, all 10 Modules require students to complete 2 assignments and 1 test.

All graduates of the Nail Technician Course are eligible for the world recognized award as a World Certified Professional with the credential designation of WCP. Application for certification can now be made directly through The Academy of Nail Design.

Ms Jennifer Ponzi, who has over 20 years experience in the nail industry, heads the Academy. Apart from running TAOND for the past 14 years, Jennifer is a Certified Educator for the AEFM, has been a competition judge for both the Canadian Contessa Awards and the ABA Nail Show. Jennifer has been interviewed several times by prominent nail magazines and newspapers, and she has also written several industry related articles.

Jennifer explained, “It is a great honor for The Academy of Nail Design to have its nail technician program Accredited by WCI on an International level. It brings an elevated professional status to the nail industry that our successful graduates deserve. Setting a global standard for nail technicians around the world has always been a goal of The Academy of Nail Design, and International Accreditation by WCI brings that goal to reality. We look forward to a long and successful relationship between TAOND, our students and WCI for many years to come.”

Jennifer has recently been awarded the professional designation as a World Certified Specialist Professional (WCSP) in the nail industry, and consequently admitted as a full Member of World Certification Institute.

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